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Welcome to Hubei Haosun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
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About us


      Hubei Haosun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter “ Haosun”) was founded in January 2003, with official address of No.20 Juxian Road ,Gedian Economic &  Technology  Development Area, Hubei —the Valley of Medicine in China. It is a high-tech joint venture enterprise which integrates the research, development, production and sales of APIs and intermediates. Total area is 66667m2, and it has about 150 staffs and more than 30 middle & senior technical managers. 


Haosun strictly complies with requirement of cGMP for R&D, production and management since it was founded. Haosun got National GMP Certificate in 2005, got ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001 system certificate in 2006. In May 2007, Haosun was approved by USFDA and got EDQM COS Certificate. In July 2011, Haosun passed USFDA (for eight products) and MHRA (for four products) inspection. In November 2013, Haosun passed re-inspection of USFDA (for ten products). In September 2015, got a new National GMP certificate; In July 2016, passed EDQM on-site inspection; in September 2016, passed USFDA inspection; In March 2018, passed USFDA inspection again; in June 2018, passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSMS18001 system inspection.


Haosun adheres to the purpose of “Good & Conscience Product, Serve Society”, sticks with the strategy of ‘High Tech, High Quality, Low Cost, Broad Spreading and International Development’. Haosun keeps improving quality, Environmental & Occupation Health System Construction via full implementation of GMP/cGMP, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001, to promote S&T and management. Haosun was equipped with advanced quality & inspection system to ensure high pharmaceutical quality. Highlight environmental protection and follow the principal of clean production with waste water treatment equipped, Haosun has won unanimous trust and well reputation of customers for the stable and good quality.


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